"Produk- produk Shaklee tidak bertujuan merawat, menyembuh atau mencegah sebarang penyakit. Sebarang testimoni yang dipaparkan adalah pengalaman peribadi individu dan kesan ke atas setiap individu mungkin berbeza"

Bayi Taknak Menyusu dari Ibu~Punca dan Penyelesaian

Sebelum ni ade saya kongsikan tentang masalah bayi yang keliru puting . Banyak maklumbalas yang saya terima mengenainya. Rupanya ramai ibu2 di luar sana yang menghadapi masalah ni. Jadi, saya teruskan lagi pencarian mengenainya dan terjumpa dengan maklumat ini.

maklumat ini saya dapat dari Australian Breastfeeding Association. saya harap dapat membantu meleraikan kekeliruan ibu2

Punca bayi taknak menyusu:

1. Baby-centred reasons

* Attachment problems
* Baby confused by bottle feeds
* Overtiredness/overstimulation
* Baby refusing one breast
* Recent immunisation
* Illness, e.g. a cold or earache, sore throat
* Feeding pattern is changing
* Distractions
* Introduction of other foods
* Teething
* Biting
* Overuse of a dummy (or pacifier)
* The weather
* Discomfort associated with sucking
* Weaning

2. Milk Supply reasons

* Fast flow
* Low supply
* Slow let-down

3. Mother-centred reasons

* Overtired or overstressed
* Sick or taking prescribed or over the counter medications
* Unusual food in your diet
* You smell different for some reason- e.g., different perfume, deodorant, chlorine/ salt from swimming; visit to hairdresser, smoke
* Hormonal Changes
* Menstruation and pre-menstrual tension
* Ovulation
* Pregnancy
* Oral contraceptives
Puting MAM dan NUK dikatakan mampu menggantikan puting ibu namun tiada satu pon puting tiruan yang mampu menandingi yang asli

Things to do to get your baby on the breast

* Be as patient and calm as you can, even though you may be feeling frustrated or impatient. Forcing your baby to feed is likely to make the situation worse. If he has just been refusing the breast and is upset, distract him by doing something completely different - a walk outdoors, looking at toys, singing a nursery rhyme. When he has settled down he may be eased on to the breast, or he may be happier just being cuddled.
* Walk around with your baby in an upright position against your body with her head level with your nipple. Walk and feed simultaneously. You could try putting your baby in an baby sling but remember to have your bra undone so that her face is touching the skin of your breast and she can find your nipple. The sling will need to be worn lower than normal for this purpose. (biarkan mukanya menghadap payudara puan)
* Try a completely different feeding position: your baby tucked under your arm (twin style); or lying down on a bed next to your baby with no body contact - this is especially good if it is very hot, or your baby is sensing your tension; or lying down with your baby cuddled in close next to you.
* Feeding your baby while you are both in the warm bath may help. You may want to have someone available to help you lift your baby in and out of the bath.
* Try breastfeeding baby after his bath when he is warm and relaxed (if he likes baths).
* You could try playing with your baby on the floor while you are bare from the waist up. After some time gradually offer your breast.
* Anticipate your baby's waking time and lift her to feed while still sleepy - you may slip in extra night feeds this way.
* Feed in a rocking chair.
* Express some milk into your baby's open mouth to encourage him.<--- perkara ini juga saya praktikkan kepada A'isy. Perahkan sedikit susu kedalam mulutnya masa dia dok melalak tu.
* Spend five minutes or so before the feed massaging your baby's naked body to relax her, if she is receptive to this.
* Try singing to your baby - he probably won't mind if it is the same few lines over and over.
* Try playing some favourite relaxing background music.
* Once you get your baby on to the breast, it may help to provide an instant milk reward. This can be done with a nursing supplementer. This allows baby to receive additional milk at the breast whilst stimulating your milk supply by his sucking. If your milk supply continues to be low or your let-down slow or your baby is a 'poor' sucker, you may like to discuss with an Lactation consultant/counsellor the possibility of using a supplement.

Semoga bermanfaat.

Salam sayang,
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